Restaurant Policies


Delivery Policy :

We take best possible care with delivering your orders. Please ensure the address you have supplied is correct as redelivery will incur a fee. We are unable to accept responsibility for non delivery if you have supplied the incorrect address, telephone number, time or other requested information.

There is a delivery fee applicable on all deliveries and varies depending on delivery area, for details please see information on this website, on our application, enquire in the store or by telephone. Standard delivery time is approx. 45 minutes. This may vary depending on the volume of orders placed at the time of your order, during peak and dinner hours.

We deliver to a predefined area. No delivery is available outside of these boundaries. Online store ordering and delivery is subject to the store trading hours which may change from time to time. This takes into account the time to process an order.

Additional information is collected when you order a pizza with We online. This information assists in the delivery to your request and to verify your credit card and other methods of payment.

When making enquiries, ordering or requesting service information, participating in certain promotional activities, completing surveys, and generally corresponding with us, we may ask for certain Personal Information, including, your name, mailing address, phone number and email address.

If you are on a part of our website that requires you to provide your Personal Information, it will be clear what Personal Information we are requesting.

We may also collect other information that is provided to us by your web browser. This may include the browser you used to come to our website, the Uniform Resource Locator (“URL”) of the website that you just visited before visiting our website, which pages on our website you visit, any search terms you entered, which URL you go to next, and your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address.

Refund Policy :

We will not be responsible for any loss or deterioration which occurs subsequent to delivery as per your instructions (unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to delivery) due to non-timely collection or otherwise. Please select your meals carefully as no refund or exchange will be given. If a product is out of stock, we will contact you to determine if you would prefer a replacement or deduct it from your total order.

Online Payment :

We only accept online payment by providing your credit card details during checkout on our secure site. We will process your order payment using your credit card details for the value printed on the tax invoice we provide with your delivery. All transactions are sold and processed in Australian dollars (AUD). Accepted card mix may vary on this secure site.

Credit card details are handled by a third party payment gateway, and We will never save your actual card details. For orders through our application you acknowledge that We will save a reference to your card called a “token,” which is provided by our payment gateway. This means that by saving the token, We can give you the option to charge the same card previously used without having to re-enter your card details. You will need to be registered on our application and log in when ordering online to use this function. Should you wish to remove the token, simply log in, click into your account and delete the relevant card. You will need to re-enter your card details for future orders.

For the avoidance of doubt, we will not in any circumstance be liable to you, or any third parties, for any loss or damage you may suffer arising from credit card fraud or identity theft.


Booking Cancellation Policy :

As follows. No funds will be taken at the time of booking. party must pay a pre authorisation of $15pp prior to reserving a table. All parties are given 8 hours prior of selected time to cancel or modify booking, anything after that the deposit will be kept if the party fails to show up / show in less.


What Is A Pre Authorisation Fee?

A pre-authorisation fee is a temporary hold of funds on your bank account or credit card. We use this to make sure the payment method you supply at the time of booking is valid, and that you have enough funds available to pay for your meal. The pre-authorisation isn’t a charge, but a temporary hold which will be realised upon arrival.


BYO Policy :

We are STRICTLY not a BYO restaurant, under any circumstances.


Cakeage Policy : 

• Service – there’s a time and cost factor involved with the additional effort that we would have to exert to store, serve and cut the cake for our customers, as well as the additional labour of clearing up and washing the dishes. Not to mention, we are more prepared to serve food from our own menu.

We therefore charge a cakeage fee of $2pp.  This includes birthday song, candles (if not provided), cutting and serving the cake, served on plates with cutlery, preserving left over cake.