About us

Real Italians eat SIMPLE.

The Costanza Family relocated from Fiumicino, Rome Italy to Perth, WA in January, 2012 and have now combined the two restaurants Millioncino and Pizzeria by Millioncino into Simple Italian.

Did you know that Italians are one of the most long-lived population of the world? This is thanks to our beautiful weather but most of all thanks to our diet, known as Mediterranean diet characterized by its genuity and SIMPLE ingredients… this is our philosophy!

The main ingredients of our kitchen are Italian extra virgin olive oil, selected pasta, tomato, and flour combined together to reach a high standard in terms of taste and quality. Not to be forgotten our millenary production of cured meats like prosciutto di Parma, cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano, bakery and wines selected for you by our family involved into this industry since 1960. Welcome to our genuine taste of Italy where homemade dishes are a must and where passion for cooking is in our everyday life style.

Join the Pizza Revolution and enjoy the culinary talents of the Costanza family